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Training Information/Fees
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Horses for Sale

Horses in training are schooled approximately 45 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Owner must provide the necessary tack and equipment. Horses must be boarded at trainerís stable.
$45.00 per single ride
$500.00 per month (20 training sessions)

$50 per 45 minute private lesson at trainerís stable
$50 per 45 minute private lesson for trailer ins plus $20 trailer in fee paid to facility
$500 per month, 20 session package (training and/or lessons)

Only horses in full training will be shown, and they must be occasionally entered in clinics.
$40.00 per class
$30.00 braiding
$40.00 for coaching students
Finder's Fee:

$500.00 for for assistance in finding or selling a horse
Extra Grooming and Care Charges:

Blanketing - $45.00 per month
Body Clipping - Full Clip - $150.00, Hunter Clip - $100.00, Partial Clip (bridle path, ears, whiskers) - $15.00
Pull Mane - $15.00
Tail Trim - $2.00
Longeing - $15.00
Extra Care - Bandaging, medication, etc. - $30.00 per month or $3.00 per day
Turn Out - $3.00 per day
Tack Cleaning - Saddle - $2.00, Bridle - $1.00
Grooming - $3.00

This is a training stable not a public boarding stable. All boarders will be billed a minimum charge of $100.00 per month if not in training or taking lessons.

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