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Congratulations to Juan Lopez Torres for a successful debut of Jennifer Johnson?s horse, Tsunami, at the ADA Fun in February 2018 Show.
Lynn Northern Spanganberg's young Friesian, Murcielago, had a successful debut at the ADA Spring Show, placing in all his classes and winning one of this Training Level classes for his rider/trainer, Juan Lopez Torres.
Juan and Murray performed consistently at the ADA Fall Show 2017 to win two Training Level classes and placed second in two.
Lori Hanes' 4 year old mare, Pippa has had a successful debut at the 2017 fall shows in Phoenix and Tucson winning a total of 3 classes with Julie Sodowsky riding, with scores ranging from 62-66%.
Congrats to Toni Crowther's 1/2 Arab, Xpreso, who debuted at the American Cup Championship Show, Nov. 2017 with Julie Sodowsky riding. "X" put in two steady rides at Training Level with scores of 65% for two second places.
A big CONGRATULATIONS to Mary Lipton and her 24 year old Thoroughbred who have earned the USDF Bronze Medal in one year! What a great achievement for this dynamic duo. Mary has trained Maucho Maucho herself with just the help of weekly lessons from Julie Sodowsky.
Lori Hanes and Mad Mardigan are a dynamic duo who have recently moved up to Second Level working on their Bronze Medal scores. Lori & Mardi placed in every class at the ADA Spring Show and received a First, Second, and Third place.
Congratulations to eventer Karen Carns & Gipson who debuted at their first open dressage show, ADA's Octoberfest Fall Show, and received a 2nd place with a steady and mistake free test.
Congrats to Ava, owned and ridden by Pamela Polydoros, who had some personal best scores in their Training level rides at the July Roadrunner II Show in Tucson. Ava received some 7s and even an 8! A highlight was the 7 awarded for the "stretchy circle at trot!"
Pam Polydoros and Ava have been scoring solid 60s at the shows this fall (2014). They got a 64.464 in Training level test 2 and the ADA Fall Show and received a 63.929% for the same test at the Tucson Fall Fiesta.
Pam Polydoros and her horse Ava have received three awards for the 2014 show season. This team was National High Point Champion in the Dressage Division of the American Saddlebred Horse Assoc. and Regional Champion for Region 1. They were also recipients of a 2014 Sport Horse Year End Award for the Dressage Division for national third place for Training Level.
Pam & Ava had a personal best score of 64.844% for 2nd place in First Level test 2 at the Fall Festival Show in Tucson Nov. 21-22, 2015.
Congratulations to Tammy Webb and her new horse, Damiani, aka Danny.

The Tucson Winter Heat dressage show was their first show together and they had a successful debut scoring from 62-64% at Training Level. They garnered a first and second place and 2 thirds and qualified for Arizona State Championships on their first outing!

Tammy and Danny showed 4 classes at Training Level at the Tucson March Madness Dressage Show 2014 with scores from 64.4% - 62% and won Training Level Test of Choice, test 3.

July 2014: Danny and Tammy had their highest score to date at the July Roadrunner II Show in Tucson. The pair won Training test 3 with a 68.2%.
Tammy Webb & Damiani, aka Danny, have been racking up the blue ribbons at the shows this fall (2014). The pair got one blue ribbon at the ADA Fall Show with scores ranging from 61-65% and won Training level test 3. Tammy had a personal best score of 69.8% at the Tucson Fall Fiesta Show and won two classes there. This pair will be moving up to First level this spring.
Congratulations to Tammy & Danny for ranking 7th in Training Level Adult Amateur for the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society NA in the USDF All Breeds Awards. A very good result for their first season showing!

*Tammy Webb has officially changed her name to Tammy Callahan, which is her maiden name.
Tammy Callahan & Danny: At the Tucson March Madness Show, 2015, this pair achieved a 70% score in Training Level test 3 Amateur to win the class. Tammy can check off a 70% score from her "bucket list!" At the ADA Spring Show this pair debuted at First Level test 2, winning the class with a 68.59%.

Many firsts for Gabrielle Delmer & Jayne at the ADA Octoberfest Fall Show. The pair debuted at Second level, rode for the first time in the Equidome, won two of their classes, and received the first Second Level score for the USDF Bronze Medal!

Miranda and Gabrielle Delmer debuted at the ADA Spring Show 2013 and received a good score of 65% for a second place in Training Level test 2 Amatuer.

Congratulations to Carolyn Haskell and Fiona who received scores of 68 & 67% at the ADA Fall Show, which was their first recognized dressage show together.

This pair won a Training Level class and had very consistent scores with two 66% and two 67% at the Tucson Fall Show, 2011.

This pair won two First Level Amateur classes at the ADA Spring Show 2013.
Carolyn and Fiona won a Training Level class at the Tucson Winter Heat Show and received scores as high as 66 & 67%.

2012 - Carolyn Haskell and Fiona had steady rides and consistent Training Level scores at the Tucson March Madness Show 67.8% and at the ADA Spring Show 68.2%.

Carolyn Haskell is 5th for the 2012 ADA Year End Awards in the Training Level amateur division with an average of 67.58%. Fiona was 8th in the Ada horse of the Year Awards at Training Level with 67.774%.

Congratulations to Carolyn Haskell who has a new horse, a 10 year old, 16.1, grey warmblood mare named Fiona. We'll see this pair in the show ring next fall!
After a long hiatus in North Carolina, Tally O is back in Arizona and was shown by Juan Lopez Torres at the ADA Octoberfest Show. The pair received two Second places at Training level with two scores of 68% in steady, focused tests.
Congratulations to TALLY O, ridden and trained by Juan Lopez Torres, owned by Phyllis Rathbone, in his dressage debut at the Flagstaff shows in August 2008. Juan and Tally O won six out of their seven classes!

Their scores are as follows: 1st, Training test 3, 70% (Lert); 1st, Training test 4, 67% (Breen-Gurley); 1st, Training test 4, 66% (Fagin); 1st, Training 3, 64% (Riel-Rodriguez); 1st, Training 2, 62% (McClain); 1st, Training 1, 60% (Spence); and 2nd, Training 4, 63% (Riel-Rodriguez).
Juan & Tally had a personal best score of 75.577% to win Training Level test 2 at the Fall Festival Show in Tucson Nov. 21-22, 2015.
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